Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

As I was waiting in line for watery coffee at my client's cafeteria, I started thinking of all the reasons that I like consulting. I hit on a few things that have remained my favorites over the years... they are:

1) watching those luggage cart trains speeding across the airport tarmac
2) getting free watery coffee at my client's offices
3) boarding my flight ahead of the common people
4) hotel upgrades
5) airline upgrades
6) eating out without having to pay for it
7) new laptop every 2, er, 3, um, 4, ah... 5 years
8) conferences in warm places
9) being able to repeat the airline safety speech verbatim for 3 aircraft and 2 airlines
10) the enduring love and respect of my clients

...oh yeah, and the intellectually stimulating challenge of staying on the cutting edge of my business knowledge.

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