Thursday, April 23, 2009

Consulting Apocalypse?

What is the sign of the apocalypse in a consultant's world?

Layoffs - no, that's just every tuesday and thursday
Cutbacks - nope, that's just the end of each quarter
Moaning and complaining - nope, that's just Monday (and Tuesday, and...)

Here is the sign:

I'm standing in my client's office and an executive walks in. He looks at me, pats me on the shoulder and says, " might be a consultant, but we still like having you around.".

Make peace with your Maker. The Executives like their Consultants.

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Kevin Gao said...

One of the funnier quotes I've heard. You'll often find that senior executives are the most friendly, because they have the least to lose (assuming they're not the "coordinating client").