Monday, March 23, 2009

Resource Management

Yeah yeah, I know. A consultant takes your watch and tells you what time it is.

So there I was today, handing my client a pre-proposal for some new work. I realized that I prepared and printed it on their equipment, using their supplies, and then handed it to them.

Where else does this happen?


Consultant Insider said...

Well, I actually think law firms are slightly more egregious - they will charge you for the printing they do themselves including a healthy markup.

Worse would be if you had developed the proposal whilst billing time to the client - but that would be just plain unethical right? :)

The ANALyst said...

@ Consultant Insider - I suppose that would depend on the type of proposal. Some proposals make you spend significant amounts of time because you end up solving half their problem in the proposal itself. So when you win the project, why on earth wouldnt you bill that time to them.

If they were smart however, they would just analyse the proposalresponse document and not engage consultants.

But then again that's another story