Thursday, May 14, 2009

Word up!

Dear Travel God,
Hi. It’s me. Listen, I know we haven’t been on the best of terms lately, especially given Monday’s flight cancellation and subsequent 4 hour delay in Dallas, as well as last week’s hellish commute to Sayre, PA (why, again, did you allow people to live so far away?). But after a good week in NY and a couple first-class upgrades, I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I know in the past I’ve cursed you when you’ve sat me in between two fatties. I’ve cursed you at flight delays and cancellations. I’ve even cursed you for weather mishaps, which we both know are the responsibility of the Weather God (sorry about the misdirected anger). Well, as you now know, I upgraded to first. Even you would admit getting upgraded from Newark to Dallas would take a miracle. You finally answered my prayer (I guess it takes a few hundred of them, eh?!)! Not only that…I had the privilege of sitting next to someone my own size! SCORE!!! AND, get this, she slept the entire time. No chatty Kathys on this flight!

Oh yeah, thank you for the great first-class meal, too. As you know, I’ve been a non-beef eater for the past 10 years. The salad they offered to us was topped with grilled steak (it was either that or the po’ boy chicken and cheese sandwich…um…hello!!! That’s like a pound of fat right there!). Anyhow, although I was disappointed in the selections, I decided to “try” the steak salad. Even though it tasted like the fake veggie burgers I usually eat, it was pretty good for an air meal. And you know me, Travel God. I’m pretty picky.

So anyhow, just a quick note of gratitude about the upgrade I never normally get, a great salad that I normally would never have eaten, and a seat mate that was a skinny non-talker for a change. You’re the best, Travel God!

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Consulting SME said...

I don't know if I believe it - an upgrade from EWR to DFW? You must have done something nice. Did you smile at the evil customer service people? Did you wait patiently at security? Make small talk with the TSA?

You are something special this week - don't waste the opportunity! Buy a lottery ticket!