Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Where Have All The Heroes Gone?

A New Foreign Correspondent:

Apparently, Mr. John Rambo, Green Beret and Vietnam Veteran, aka Sylvester Stallone, has been the on-site reporter for the on going atrocities in Myanmar. He has personally reported seeing “unspeakable atrocities”.

So, Mr. Rambo, did you do nothing? For decades the name, “Rambo” has been associated, nay, defined by an uncompromising wild, anti-establishment spirit, one that is both reckless in its violent abandon as much as it is emotional in its final, decisive, victory.

If Rambo had business cards, I have no doubt they would kick your ass just sitting on your desk. I can imagine it now:

John Rambo
Taking Care of Corrupt Police Departments Run and Fighting as the Underdog Facing Insurmountable Odds in the Cold War
Fighting the Good Fight Since 1982

Perhaps it is ignorant to inquire, but why exactly is John Rambo, the underdog, the savior of innocent women and children, who is characterized by wading knee deep in blood and gore, standing by reporting while witnessing these atrocities and doing nothing?

Why, I ask, did Mr. Rambo not wade across the river and work a little of his whoop ass magic like he did in Rambo 1, 2 AND 3? Not enough performance enhancing substances?

One would think that “First Blood” would’ve given Mr. Rambo a chance to learn how to fight the good fight. Let’s say, he was a slow learner (maybe a little too much Rocky Balboa and not enough Marion Cobretti?), and therefore needed two additional training films.

Is not three movies where blood, guts and gore flow freely not enough training for Mr. Rambo?

Perhaps at the age “61” he has taken the famous Danny Glover line of “I’m getting too old for this s**t” and made it his mantra.

Has his old age lessened his edge? Perhaps this latest movie he is filming should be titles:

“John Rambo: Have Walker, Will Travel (slowly)”
“Rambo 6: Wading Across the River Salween…For a Story”
Or even
“John Rambo, Not as Good Looking as Christiana Amanpour"

Maybe, instead of wielding the sword he has opted for a pen, pocket pad and a typewriter. And perhaps, more appropriately, his new movies will be more editorial in subject matter.

Afterall, isn’t the “Pen Mightier than the Sword”?

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