Tuesday, October 2, 2007

When the FIRM IGTM (Isn't Getting the Message)

Paraphrased conversation which took place recently between the FIRM and one of its disgruntled associates when told to be in an "inspirational corporate video:"

FIRM: Please share with us what you think about "the Spirit of the FIRM."

ASSOCIATE: Not sure I can do that.

FIRM: When did you join the FIRM? And what do you do in your “day job?”

ASSOCIATE: Hmmm... Too long ago and hate my life.

FIRM: Please describe the culture of the FIRM and why its people so eager to get involved with the community—above and beyond their formal jobs?"


FIRM: When you think about the “power of the FIRM,” what comes to mind?"

ASSOCIATE: I don't think about it. Listen, can I not do this? I've had a death in the family.

FIRM: That's fine - can you do this interview three days from now, on Sunday?

ASSOCIATE: What, does another family member have to die? No!

FIRM: What do you think of the firm?"

ASSOCIATE: I try not to.

FIRM: Really, why is that?

ASSOCIATE: I'm too busy applying for other jobs.

FIRM: At the firm of course...

ASSOCIATE: Of course...



Anonymous said...

Where can we get a copy of the inspirational video?

Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think you deserve more than 20 minutes to grieve a death in the family?