Tuesday, October 2, 2007

People Who Could Really Use a Consultant...

Today's Person: Jorinda Sullivan
REASON: She Lost her Job Because She Wore too Much Perfume


October 1, 2007 -- She wore too much Red Door, so they showed her the door.

That's the claim of a Brooklyn woman who says she was fired as a customer-service rep because she wore too much perfume.

Jorinda Sullivan, 24, of Canarsie is suing her former employer, Mindpearl, a customer-service center in Melville, L.I., for $1 million in Brooklyn federal court, claiming that co-workers' complaints about her perfume morphed into thinly veiled racial discrimination.

After complaints about one perfume, Sullivan switched to Elizabeth Arden's signature Red Door - but said she was soon hauled back into the supervisor's office for the same reason.

Later, she was allegedly attacked over her personal hygiene and asked what soap, shampoo and deodorant she used.

At that point, she decided she was being harassed because she is black and complained to the state Division of Human Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In February, she was fired because, her boss said, she'd been the subject of three customer complaints the previous week.

Vincent Gaines, chairman and CEO of Mindpearl, said, "The company denies any wrongdoing and intends to continue to vigorously contest her claims."

From the New York Post

Didn't we learn on the first day of Business School that one should NEVER wear perfume to work? A good consultant should have informed Jorinda.
We are trying to live in a society here, people!

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Anonymous said...

So true! Never use perfume at work.

Use the Britney Spears Scented Shimmer Stick instead, that's what I always say.