Friday, September 28, 2007

The Coming Apocalypse

Signs of the coming Apocalypse

Welcome to my first post. I decided, after much deliberation, to base my first post on the coming of the apocalypse. Silly you say? Get real? Well, dear reader, let me present you with several recent occurrences that this blogger believes to be proof positive that the end of the world is neigh.

1. Two headed turtle: What, pray tell, does a two headed turtle have to do with the oncoming apocalypse? First, let me say that it is common knowledge amongst end of the world aficionados that a rise in animal birth defects has been directly correlated to the end of the world. Still don't believe me? Just wait!

2. Need I say more?

(Apparently, yes, see below)

3. Client returning from Detail (you didn't think I'd bring this back around, did you?). Not even back yet and his actions are already sowing the seeds of discord. Why complain you ask? Well, if acting as a personal admin by making copies, drafting emails, replenishing paper, pens and general office supplies and scheduling PERSONAL meetings isn't enough, taking long walks while sipping cocoa and going to books stores, moving furniture and acting as personal movers ought to do the trick.

Ok, admittedly the entire "world" might not come crashing down around you, but for some of us, its time to bend over and kiss our proverbial, job satisfaction good bye!

That is all.....for now.

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