Monday, October 1, 2007

The Saga of the Client Site Bathroom Continues...

Since it has been nearly a week since the cockroach-tapping bathroom incident, my confidence in using the client site bathroom has increased.
I should know better.
This is the same logic that we use right after we get a speeding ticket. We've just had our hand slapped, so we drive 10 miles an hour on the freeway for approximately three days, until somehow we feel we've "Done our due diligence," and we can now go back to our normal, illegal, speeding ways.

Such is with the client site bathroom.
A week ago, I was afraid.
Today, I went back.
Not smart.

I walked in, found a stall, did a quick cockroach scan, and felt okay. I had the bathroom to myself. Nice. When alone, there is no Larry Craig fear.
Someone else wandered in just as I was leaving the stall. She took the other stall.
All was well.
With one exception.
She didn't shut the stall door.
It's not like the latch on the door was broken, either. I monitor this stuff.
Nope - working door latch.
She just apparently wanted everyone to be able to see her.

Now, as a relatively civilized person, I had a moment of panic over this.
As I spent much of my time thinking when I'm in this particular bathroom,
'what does one do in this situation?'
What's protocol?

I tried to think WWMD? What Would Macgyver Do?
MacGyver would burst in and shut the door for her.
I'm just not that cool.

That said,
There are rules that must be followed.
When you're in a bathroom stall, close and lock the stall door.
When the latch is broken, give it a college try to keep the door closed.
Don't just 'give up' and force the other members of civilization to have to deal with you.

I washed my hands (as one should ALWAYS DO), and ran out of the bathroom.

I hate that bathroom.
I'm going back to using the Starbucks one.

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