Monday, May 6, 2013

TSA PreCheck: Hot or Not?

TSA PreCheck should be the best thing ever to traveling consultants like me. After all, it effectively rolls back security to pre-9/11 levels! But it's been worthless in practice, since you never know if, when, and where you'll get the nod.

See, the problem isn't with the idea of PreCheck - that frequent fliers should be allowed easier access through security. After all, people like us really aren't security risks, and it's nice for the government to recognize that. No, the issue is the fact that you never know if you'll be shunted out of the PreCheck line and through regular security. This can happen before you get in line (if your boarding pass is randomly un-selected) or even right at the time of PreCheck!

This makes it worthless, since you can't plan on the quick line. Best case, you spend more time drinking for free in the airport lounge. Worst case, you're back to waiting with for the Clampetts to take off their shoes!

Now Gary Leff over at View From the Wing reports that at least one airline may actually be pre-approving PreCheck! Yes! So if you're a Delta flier (ugh) you soon may be able to sleep a little longer rather than rushing to the airport at 5 for a 6 AM flight!


michael cardus said...

This pre-check is weird and frustrating I agree. The idea is sound but the practice is awkward and unclear.
And 5am for a 6am flight...even that means you may be cutting it close :)

Unknown said...

TSA Pre check is providing a good security level for Airport Consultants and employees.

But as you said some of the Frequent Flyers are getting Angry and irritated with this program.The Airport Employees are not working quickly and also not planning well.

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