Sunday, March 2, 2008

Good travel or bad travel?

The difference between a good consulting trip and a bad one can be subtle, so I've put together a brief guide to help differentiate:

Car service arrives early with silver cadillac, leather interior, uniformed driver who carries my bags to the car - good travel.
Car "service" arrives 30 minutes before flight, driver is drunk, there is no back seat - bad travel.

You're upgraded to first class in a full service Boeing 777 and treated like a King - good travel.
You're stuck in the middle seat with a huge smelly guy by the window with a weak bladder, and you're flying to California - bad travel.

Your bag is the first one down the slide at baggage claim, you dash out the door for the first taxi - good travel.
Your underwear is first down the slide at baggage claim, followed by the rest of the contents of your luggage. Your suitcase, however, never appears - bad travel.

Your taxi driver knows the area, takes you to the hotel, and carries your bags to the checkin counter - good travel.
Your taxi driver asks you for directions, insists that the other people in the back with you are 'family', and dumps you and your bags on the side of the highway without stopping - bad travel.

Please hand this to the next interviewee who says, " I looooove to travel!"...

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