Thursday, February 7, 2008

ooo..Haikus..I'm Inspired

SME, You've inspired, here goes:

A Job
Grinds you down
Despair, it Consumes

Ok..ok..maybe its not a real Haiku, but its damn close!!


Consulting SME said...

Dude... you must check this out:

Very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

crazy consultant,
can't even write a haiku.
5-7-5 dumbass.

sorry to be harsh,
2-3-5 not even close.
kneel to the master.

Anonymous said...

"must check out despair -"
it's so nineteen-ninety-eight*,
"Very Inspiring!"

(*seriously, it launched ten years ago)

why such a bastard?
why must I rain on parades?
because I'm smarter.

haiku SME,
giggles at self by laptop,
cuz I add value.

Anonymous said...

sit down with The Bobs.
"what, exactly, do you DO?"
back at you, short-sleeves.

(if you don't get it, reference the image in the banner up top; above "you've earned points"...)

Anonymous said...

psycho client-boss,
I tire of your "leadership".
your people hate you.

cathartic haiku.
enough money in it? NO.
wage slave I remain.

haiku Consultants -
we drink scotch, not beer or wine -
unlike Analysts.

I'm done for tonight.
already stressing the work
I face tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

angry work haiku
remind me of Fight Club's Jack
and Tyler Durden

Jack's haiku:

worker bees can leave
even drones can fly away
the queen is their slave

Crazy Consultant said...

I think this is the best string ever.

Anonymous said...

red sand between my toes
a vacation in outer space
my martian haiku

- Robin Williams