Friday, January 11, 2008

Life and Death on the Consulting Savannah

What is consulting? What shall I compare it to? Is it like the sky? Vast, and empty and blue? Perhaps it is more like the clearing summer sky, warm, sunny with large fluffy clouds of opportunity moving across it? Each opportunity as fleeting and diaphanous as the vapor that makes up the cloud? There and gone in a moment? Never to be captured again?

Mayhaps it is more like the oak? The seeds of which are planted early in youth? The schooling we have the college we attend? Each form a branch from the life sustaining trunk which is our lives? Each leaf is a skill we learn and thus returning sustenance back to the living body?

Or is it more like the gazelle, the small, fleeting, fast moving antelope that roams the savannas of Africa? Jumping gracefully hither, thither and yon with nary a care in the world. And then, when parched by its consulting endevours, it stops to drink by a limpid pool; the career sustaining nectar recognition. There, legs awardkly bowed, guard down as it sips from the pool it is savagely attacked and dragged by the neck into the suffocating water of client engagement and drowned by the multiple barrel rolls of the reptilian predators.

Yeh, this is life at the client site; I go forth for a drink…..

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