Thursday, January 10, 2008

Death before Dishonor I’m on this project that is the career graveyard. Careers don't begin here so much as they come here for a "final resting place. People don’t progress through the levels of the organization as stagnate and ahem, digress, into a slimy puddle of organic matter. Careers go here to fester and rot while the flies of apathy swarm and thrive on the decaying careers. These flies of apathy lay their foul eggs, sprouting their maggot offspring in your career eating their way from the inside out; career atrophy is what I am talking about here. This is the Body Farm of the work world folks.

So, it is in this environment that it was sprung on me once again that I **might** have my tenure extended on this project. Apparently I haven’t decomposed enough for the client and that a faint spark of hope is visible in the dark despair that is my work life.

I’ve found a course of action. I’ve found a way out. I’ve had enough of the stench of career decomposition. I’ve had enough of having one foot in the career grave. My out is called “Hiri Kiri” and I’m going to need a second…..

The line forms to the right.

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