Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Intellectual Capital (IC) Theivery

Mission: Create a usable Change Request process and corresponding Change Request form

Complicating Factors:
  • Clients aren't interesting in using a formal Change Request process and mock Change Request form development openly and loudly
  • Someone (another consultant) has already designed a very crappy Change Request form that is flagrantly masquerading as "the norm"

Process: Design a Change Request process flow that makes sense, vet it via use cases to see if it really makes sense, then figure out what elements will be needed on the new Change Reequest form

Interesting Discovery: While designing said form, googled "Change Request form" only to discover existing crappy Change Request form as top search result even using the same icky maroon color scheme! Flagrant theivery of IC from Google. Damn consultants...There should be rules. Or should there? :)

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