Sunday, April 21, 2013

How NOT to Start a Meeting

Many thanks to alert consultant 'Maria' for contributing the following blog post

A colleague of mine was traveling to Boston, MA with his boss to meet up with a legal representative from one of the fortune 500 companies who was interested in his reverse legal auction consulting services. They arrived early to the office and had to wait for some time before the representative met with them, so they sat down in the big comfy chairs with two other businessmen. My colleague noticed that one of the businessmen was extremely anxious and began to pace the reception area looking at every picture and artwork hung on the wall very intently.

One of the vice presidents came out to great the businessmen and trying to start small talk one of them said, “I noticed your picture of Andy Warhol, I too admire his art.” The vice president looked at him oddly and turned to the office doors. As he opened the doors he replied, “That’s not Warhol, that’s my mother.” The lawyer quickly replied, “Well, did you know your mother look’s a lot like Warhol?”

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