Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coolness Meter & Client Interaction

So I was with some colleagues, on the way back from a “group outing” to the ladies room, when we all ran into one of our more senior-level clients in the hallway. The woman is a little scary and more than a little crazy, but I actually kind of like her. She sees us and yells out “HEY!”

I yell back.
I have no shame.

She stops, looks at me, and randomly says “You know, I bet you used to be really cool, didn’t you? Like COOL.”


Horrified, I say “WHAT IS THIS “USED TO BE” CRAP???”



Now this is a problem. Apparently my problems are bigger than we originally thought.

Let it be known: I AM THE EPITOME OF COOL.



Anonymous said...

should consultants be cool?
I have met many, some are cool some are not so cool.

The only reason I went into consulting is becuase it is the closest I will ever get to being a rock star. Where people pay to hear my talent.

I agree once you are cool you are always cool. Which is why I RSS feed your blog!

Ramona said...

You'll always be cool. Don't let her get to you.

Consulting SME said...

Cool? Girly girl, you're ICE COLD! She was just messing with your head.

You know what you should do? Park your rental car in her assigned spot tomorrow. Just leave it all day (heck, if it gets towed Hertz will bring you another one). She'll never know who messed up her day.