Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Career Death, A Consultant's Lament

Oh career death how you abusin’ me,
Taking away any advancement I may see,
Making me a highly paid secretary,
Tempting me with other opportunities
Pulling them away so there is nothing I can see,

How did it come to this?
Oh Career Death, did I not do all I was asked?
Did I not complete all my tasks?
On time, on budget, the quality it exceeds
Why oh why must my career fester and bleed?

Sucked dry by the client who delegates
Requesting my extension from date to date….
Oh Career death, why have you taken me?
Did I not try as hard as can be?

Why must I continue this chore?
Oh, Career Death, why must this assignment be such a bore?
Saps away all will to complete,
Gone is my desire to compete,

The apathy, it consumes me….


Unknown said...

Furio, you need a great executive recruiter who focuses on industry opportunities for recovering consultants.

Head over to http://www.hawkespeers.com, and see if we are right for you.

Anonymous said...

Furio DOES need a good recruiter, because he is STUCK on a terrible project.