Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rules about Getting into Cabs

Lessons learned from a cab ride home from the airport last night:

1. Always do a "lean-in sniff test" of the cab before just jumping in, to see if said cab smells like pee. If it does, once you're in and the door is shut, you're screwed. You'll have pee-smell emanating from your body for the rest of the day, no matter how much travel-size Marriott lotion you might have in your bag to try to cover the odor. It doesn't work. Besides - it should not come as a news flash that the marriott hands out crap hand lotion. there should be a label on it that says "won't mask smell of pee."

2. Be wary of cab drivers that have not one, but two bluetooth devices - one in each ear. View that as problematic. One, you clearly have an ADD cab driver. Your chances of hitting someone just increased exponentially, as did the chance that you'll get a concussion hitting your head against the window if he turns suddenly to "change ears." Two, you're going to get a migraine from listening to only one side of two different conversation - likely conversations not being held in English. Badness all around.


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