Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Moment to Celebrate

Several weeks ago, I was the esteemed recipient of a rarely awarded privilege. For those in the consulting field, you’re probably thinking this means some sort of award, recognition, bonus, special thank you or other sort of accolade.

Not in the consulting field? Well, you live lives too normal for me to relate, so, I have no idea what this sort of thing would mean to you.

In the consulting field? The accolade? No, it certainly wasn’t that. And it wasn’t a glowing review from a hard client and difficult personnel manager. What was it then?

Well, the seminal event in my career, the one that I will carry with me and cherish always is this: I’ve Been Tasked in the Third Person.

I say it again: I’ve Been Tasked in the Third Person

Confused? Then you’re probably not living in the consulting field. Please, close this window, and go back to your normal lives.

For the rest of us (and by that I mean those who have reached the rarefied heights that I find myself precariously perched at), I am sure you can relate. In the consulting field and still confused? Just give it time, it will happen.

So, how did I find myself in such a situation? Sitting in the client’s office, participating in a conference call with other client and contractor staff. I found myself sitting directly across from the client, Mr. Action Item.

Mr. Action Item , is a take charge kind of guy. He’s not interested in “pie in the sky” type things; he wants to “take the pie higher”. Mr. Action Item takes charge and assigns people work, deftly switching from sports metaphor to sports metaphor.

From this call Mr. Action Item, had drawn up a list, of well, Action Items. Mr. Action Item then switched his hat to become Mr. Task Delegation. Mr. Task Delegation starts handing out action items like girl scout cookies. Except with out the chocolaty and minty goodness.

Mr. Task Delegation assigns action items to my manager to task me. So, there I find myself, in a conference call, sitting across from Mr. Action Item, listening to Mr. Task Delegation, task my supervisor to task me.

Ain’t bureaucracy grand?

written by Furio

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