Monday, November 12, 2007

The Bizarro World - Also Known As the Client Site.

sent by an alert consultant in Sydney, Australia:

It's nearly 7p in our client's office here in Sydney, which generally means that my team are the only people in the building (by a good hour and a half, for that matter). And yet tonight, on my way into the kitchen to refill my water bottle, I ran into three junior employees from the client's staff drinking beer and grilling italian sausages on two George Foreman grills. When--in a state of shock--I inquired as to what, exactly they were doing, one of them commented that they were "grilling out" to watch the upcoming cricket match...apparently none of them had cable at home, and they had no idea anyone would be around past 6p.

A tail-gate inside the client's office...unbelievable.

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