Monday, October 8, 2007

You Know You're a Consultant When...

Sent by a consultant based in New York City:

My favorite recent experiences actually have nothing to do with clients or co-workers, rather with my fiancee's family's reactions to my vocation.
Guess it just doesn't translate! Case(s) in point:

Episode 1:

Fiancee's Aunt: "What does your fiance do for a living again?"

Fiancee's Mom: "He's a strategic (sic) consultant."

Fiancee's Aunt: "Consultant...(pause)...huh...(pause)...does that mean he's unemployed?"

Eposide 2:

Fiancee: "My fiance found out today that he's going to be staffed on a project in Australia."

Fiancee's Sister: "Wow. That's exciting. When does he leave?"

Fiancee: "Tomorrow afternoon."

Fiancee's Sister: "You're kidding! You'd think with a trip like that they'd give him a little bit of advance notice."

Fiancee: "That is advanced notice."

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