Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Delta: Get Your Sh*t Together

Brought to you by alert blogger Catherine Sloper

Dear Delta,

I have been faithful in a slavish, fetishist way for years. I pay more; take circuitous routes and inconvenient flights to accommodate you. I hoard my points, hoping to score free first class tickets.

However, your behavior last week was nearly a breaking point in our relationship.

I admit, I was cutting it fine on the LGA/CHS flight, but seriously, 90 minutes should be enough padding to get me to the meeting on time. You blew it, boys, and with no explanation. How about a little announcement when we sit on the runway FOR AN HOUR? But we’re cool, it’s all good.

Until I tried to go home.

All I want to know is how a (late) incoming flight can suddenly have major maintenance problems? Your gate agents- those angels of upgrades -  announced that there were issues that required paperwork and that we would board shortly. An hour later, those same agents repeated “shortly”, and a quick half hour after that, we were onboard. We sat for another hour, with more maintenance problems, and were towed back to the gate.

The angry hoard lined up to get on the next flight and you offered us….fifty dollars on our next flight. Seriously? I just paid $800 for the pleasure of being stuck in a backwater and you are giving me fifty dollars? To be fair, I was also gifted with a six dollar meal coupon redeemable at the one filthy bar, where greasy sandwiches are $8.50. Not that I care. I ordered some spanx-inducing garbage and two vodkas which I expensed anyway.

Nine hours later, I stumbled through my door and collapsed.

Delta, I want you to know that even though I’m angry at you, right now, it’s not over between us. I am tied like a 50s housewife to you – too far in to leave – too close to higher status and free tickets. I’ll take your abuse, your indifference and unapologetic behavior. I know that every so often, you’ll bump me up to the front, where it’s not just a bigger seat, but a better life.

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