Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clients ask for the darndest things!

i was asked to go to europe for a strategic meeting with our friendly european colleagues. it's really only for one week, but i'm going to take the second week off and travel. i told my client that i was going to be out for 2 weeks for work (said nothing about vacation), and i wasn't sure if i was even going to be on the project at that point (because they still haven't said how long they want me) but that i thought they should know. a thoughtful and forward-thinking FYI, don't you agree? here's the recap:

client: can your company move your meeting until after our go-live? (yes, people, she really asked that)
me: (to myself in my head) ARE YOU KIDDING??? as if my company is going to move our meeting around for YOU! puh-leeeeeze.) so i politely said, uhh, well, the dates probably aren't going to change - they might, but probably not.
client: well, can somebody else do it?
me: well, barb, i'm a senior leader in our practice. i need to go.
client (in a huff): well, i'm not going to say no, but it puts us in a very tough position.

i don't feel bad (i gave them 2 months notice!). europe, here i come...bisous!

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