Saturday, December 1, 2007

People Who Could Really Use A Consultant...

Today's person: Kellie Pickler


Unknown said...

hey, awesome you posted this!
i'm hungarian, and i understand that my country is not as popular as france (which, yes kellie IS a country...), germany or italy, but still it's a beautiful e-european country, with a nice history.

anyways, i'm faar-far away from home now, but let me know if you decide to visit Hungary!

love the blog, please keep posting stuff!
may i ask for a lil' more PICTURES probably? i mean those that are not confidential, nor restricted by any means... as i'm aiming to become one of "you" i would love to SEE a little more of the life of a consultant.

Anonymous said...

right, because a consultant could get one of their analysts to google the answer. (analyst may actually be a 5th grader)